Andersen 100 Series Window

When you’re building or remodeling, you want to invest in the best material possible. More than that, you want to design your home in a way that’s unique to you. When you work with Andersen 100 series windows, not only can you expect great quality, but you know you can customize their appearance to fit just what you’re looking for. Fibrex® is a high-grade material with dozens of benefits, and by working with us, you’ll soon be able to experience them for yourself.

The Andersen 100 Series affords homeowners the beauty, efficiency, and quality of Andersen at an amazing value. Constructed of Fibrex® composite material, the Andersen 100 Series products are engineered by Andersen to be twice as strong and rigid as vinyl.

Hometown Window and Door Company in Indianapolis offers the Andersen 100 series for windows and doors.


  • Fibrex® material provides a durable, low-maintenance exterior and excellent energy efficiency for your home. Fibrex® is a strong material that’s long-lasting, easy to clean, and environmentally responsible. Beyond that, it’s more flexible and customizable than almost any other material on the market, which gives you more control than ever over both the interior and the exterior of your home.
  • Fibrex® is made up of reclaimed wood fiber and a PVC polymer, fused together and unique to Andersen. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures, this amazing material won’t fade, blister, flake, or peel. Fibrex® uses narrower frames, which allows for more glass space and higher energy efficiency. With Fibrex®, you can have more control over the temperature and lighting of your house. We are committed to sustainability, and you can expect that our materials and products have the same standards.
  • Andersen 100 Series comes in an array of standard sizes (perfect for new construction), but can also be custom-sized for replacement applications. Many materials, like fiberglass, are fairly inflexible and can only be used for straight lines and edges. However, Fibrex® can fit curved or specialized windows just as easily as it can fill a regular frame. If you’re interested in non-traditional windows or are interested in customizing your windows and frames, Fibrex® might be perfect for you.

Hometown for Andersen 100 Replacement Windows

If you’re interested in high-quality materials that will improve your home and allow you to personally customize your style, consider Fibrex®. If you want great customer service and professional experience on your side, get that Fibrex® through Hometown. We want to help you furnish and style the house you’ve always wanted, with great, affordable materials.

Learn more about Andersen 100 series and how Hometown can help with your replacement windows by requesting a free quote at (317) 688-8100.

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