Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Free On-Site Visit: One of our consultants visits your home for free, discussing design preferences and other needs for your windows and doors.
  2. Prepping Your Windows: After you choose windows and doors, we order them. After we receive them, we prep the products for your home. If you want the products painted or stained, we paint them in a controlled environment in our warehouse. We take them out of the box, disassemble them, paint them, build them again, put them back in the box, and bring them to your home.
  3. Installation: We protect your home and tear out existing windows and doors to be replaced. We install your new windows using the right method. We square them, insulate around the window with non-expanding spray foam or fiberglass baton. Then we trim the interior and exterior around your windows.
  4. Clean-up: We clean up the mess before we go!

Renewal by Andersen is a franchise in a network that is owned by someone who lives outside Indiana. Renewal by Andersen has its own product line, and they carry only one line of windows, framed in Fibrex® on the inside and outside. Renewal by Andersen’s windows are very similar to some Andersen windows that we carry. The main difference in the windows from the different companies is the shape of the frame. Some of the custom options are also different.

A local Andersen dealership (like Hometown) is locally owned and operated, and we carry the full collection of all products by Andersen Windows & Doors. We also don’t spend a lot on marketing because we don’t want to have our customers carry the expense of weekly flyers. We prefer to work hard, do it well, and offer premium products at the lowest prices.

  1. Window replacements: If you want to invest in your property, replace the window. Repairing a window is an expense, and you will need to repair or replace it soon anyway. You can repair a window if 1) you are putting your house on the market or for rent or 2) only one piece of one window is malfunctioning.
  2. Entry door replacements: You can repair broken glass or hardware on the entry door. If there is anything else wrong with the door or if the frame is warped, replace it.
  3. Patio door replacements: You may be able to fix hardware. Otherwise, expect to replace it.

With an insert replacement window, the old window frame stays in the home, and the new window gets put inside the old window frame. Consequently, the glass of the new window is smaller than the old window that used to be there. You don’t get as much natural light from an insert window, but there’s less labor and expense involved.

For a full frame window replacement, we remove the window and frame and everything back to the studs. We put the new window with its new frame in the old place. It’s more labor and expense, but you get just as much natural light as you did previously.

  • Increased home value.
  • Newer, nicer looking windows that can be enjoyed from the outside and inside.
  • A more convenient design, such as windows that are easy to clean.
  • Less noise pollution in your home.
  • Higher energy efficiency.

Absolutely. Your new windows should be made of durable materials that will help your home be more energy efficient, more attractive, and more marketable. Andersen windows and doors make the cut, and they are backed by transferable warranties. If you decide to sell your home in the future, the warranties will add value to your home.

No, glass quality and durability can vary greatly. The Andersen replacement windows that we install are built to last and help preserve indoor temperatures.

Yes, you can. We carry all the Andersen products and can customize them for you.

Yes, we are insured.

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