Andersen 400 Series Window

The Andersen 400 series contains the most popular products with an impeccable combination of performance and style for all of your window or door needs. This series is constructed with classic wood craftsmanship to exceed all standards. The entire Andersen 400 Series is time-tested, with the longest standing products that continue to perform throughout their lifetime.

All of the windows and doors in the 400 series have a low-maintenance vinyl exterior for weather protection and wood interiors in pine, white, dark bronze, or black. Because of Andersen’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency is a priority for the 400 series and is built into every window and door. With excellent versatility, the 400 series offers multiple hardware styles, finishes, grille patterns and glass options to fit your style and home. Contact us today for a free quote by giving us a call at (317) 688-8100.

The Andersen 400 series window at Hometown Window and Door Company is our most popular series in Indianapolis due to it's low-maintenance exterior and energy efficiency.

Hometown for Andersen Window Installation

Choose Hometown Window and Door Company for your window replacement and installation needs if you are in or near Central Indiana. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff can expertly install Andersen 400 Series windows as your replacement windows.

400 Series Woodright Double Hung

  • Two operating sash move up and down to allow ventilation on the top, bottom, or both.
  • The sash tilt in for easy cleaning from the inside of your home.
  • Crafted from wood and protected by a Fibrex® composite exterior, these double-hung windows are highly efficient and durable. Because of their incredible performance, they are our best-selling double-hung.

400 Series Awning Window

  • Awning windows are hinged from the top and open outward from the bottom. This structure offers ventilation even during light rain.
  • Awning windows are commonly installed higher on walls to ensure privacy, or in combination with large, stationary windows for a great view.
  • With a rigid vinyl exterior, awning windows are protected from water damage.
  • Wood interiors available in natural pine, prefinished white, dark bronze, or black.

400 Series Gliding Window

  • A single sash glides horizontally, offering top-to-bottom ventilation.
  • With a low-maintenance fiberglass exterior, these windows withstand the test of time and use.
  • Ideal for rooms that face walkways, porches, or decks, these are Andersen’s top gliding windows.

400 Series Picture Window

  • Picture windows are stationary and designed to offer a large view.
  • These durable, time-tested windows are Andersen’s best-selling picture window.

400 Series Specialty Windows

  • Customize your window with a variety of unique shapes including arches, angles, and curves.
  • These top-selling specialty windows are stylish, refined, and durable.

400 Series Bay & Bow Windows

  • Bay and bow windows combine three or more windows to create a window that angles out beyond the house wall. Casement, double-hung, or picture windows are all options for combining into a bay and boy window.
  • Because more windows are used to create bay and boy windows, they let in much more light and increase the space inside your room.
  • Casement windows are available in 30° bay, 45° bay and 90° box bay, or 10° bow.
  • Double-hung windows can be used at 30° or 45° bay.
  • The wood interior is protected by vinyl or Fibrex® composite exterior.

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