Andersen E-Series Windows

The E-Series is a highly customizable series that is part of the Architectural Collection. With custom colors and a large selection of sizes and shapes, the E-Series offers unparalleled design freedom for your replacement windows. With unlimited design possibilities, you get the freedom to customize each window to help you create your dream home.

When creating your original E-Series windows, you can pick from 50 exterior colors, custom colors, and anodized finishes. The E-Series also offers a diverse selection of interior wood and gorgeous interior stains. You can choose from custom shapes and sizes to create combinations that fit your style and needs. All of the E-Series offers contemporary, striking designs with modern interiors and hardware and a focus on energy efficiency. Request a free quote from Hometown Window and Door Company today by calling (317) 688-8100.

Located in Indianapolis, Hometown Window and Door Company offers the Andersen window E-Series for homeowners.

E-Series Double-Hung Windows

With two operating sashes that glide up and down, the E-Series Double-Hung window allows for ventilation from the top, bottom, or both. Simply tilt the sash in for easy cleaning. The Double-Hung windows are available in custom colors and a wide variety of interior woods and stains. With a sleek, innovative design, these windows have a pristine, yet discrete locking system.

E-Series Casement Windows

The E-Series Casement windows provide full ventilation from top to bottom because they are hinged on the side with a sash that opens horizontally opposite the hinge. The extended sash directs the breeze into your home for increased airflow. The E-Series Casement window is made from wood and protected by a durable aluminum exterior. Available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, it is a fully customizable Casement window.

E-Series French Casement

The E-Series French Casement windows are hinged on each side with a sash that opens horizontally. These windows do not have a meeting stile in the middle, providing full ventilation and a large view free of obstruction. The French Casement windows are made of wood and protected by an aluminum exterior for maximum protection from the elements.

E-Series Push-Out Casement

The E-Series Push-Out Casement windows allow full ventilation because they are hinged on the side with a sash that opens horizontally opposite the hinge. These windows have simple operation: raise the lock handle and push the window out to open. With stainless steel hinges and retractable screen options, these old-world-style windows offer a historical flair that is fully customizable.

E-Series Awning

The E-Series awning windows hinge at the top with a sash that opens outward from the bottom to allow ventilation even during light rain. These windows are suited for higher placement to ensure privacy, or in combination with stationary windows for a better view. These windows are made from wood with a low-maintenance aluminum exterior that repels water and resists the elements. Available in nearly any size, shape, color, and finish, the E-Series Awning windows are fully customizable.

E-Series Push-Out Awning

The E-Series Push-Out Awning also allows ventilation during light rain as they hinge at the top with stainless steel hinges and have a sash that opens outward from the bottom. To open, pull the lock handle up and gently push the window out. The hardware and simple operation offer a timeless, old-world style. The Push-Out Awning Window allows an unobstructed view with the hinged and retractable screen options.

E-Series Gliding Window

With a single slash that glides horizontally, the E-Series Gliding windows provide full ventilation. Since these windows do not open outward, they are ideal for rooms that face walkways, porches, or decks. The E-Series Gliding windows are also a great choice for tight spaces because of their sleek lines. These fully customizable windows are created from wood and protected by an aluminum exterior.

E-Series Specialty Windows

The Andersen E-Series windows are offered in many unique shapes. Pick from stunning arches, angles and curves to create your own specialty windows. The specialty windows come in many interior wood species and finishes with custom shapes and sizes.

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