Is the only thing you don’t love about your historic home its windows? Many old homes have outdated and inefficient single-pane wood-frame windows. While they may offer a certain aesthetic charm, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in your home with modern windows.

However, you shouldn’t just replace the windows with any new product. Adding certain modern windows to a 75 to 100-year-old home may negatively impact the way the home looks and even hurt its value.

Is Your Home in a Historic District?

Older homes in historic districts need to think about how modern windows will look on their home. You should also check with any historic district neighborhood rules to make sure that the window replacements will get district approval.

There are many new windows that will look just fine in your old home, but some products, even ones that get district approval, might not provide the aesthetic appeal you’re hoping for. If you want to enhance your home’s value through new windows, you need to find a product that’s approved by your historic district, looks good on your home, will provide the best performance and boost to your home’s value.

Types of Windows You Should Consider for an Older Home

When it comes to older, historic homes full-frame window replacements—which are usually the best choice—aren’t always an option. If the home has plaster walls and there’s no need to suspect damage around the window, then an insert may be your best option.

However, full-frame window replacements will allow you to make the best use of the window opening and allow the installer to see any rot or damage around the window, so it can be addressed. The best way to determine what’s best for your home is to have a window technician come out and assess your home.

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