Even with great care, your windows will eventually need repair and replacement. Window replacement can seem costly. It may be tempting to perform your own window repairs and replacements in hopes of saving money. For those with DIY home repair experience, window replacements will seem deceivingly easy. It is true that you can replace your own windows. However, window replacements are much more difficult and complex than you may initially think. While you certainly can replace your own windows, the truth is that you probably should not. Before racing to replace your own windows, be sure to consider the following. 

Difficulty Ordering the Correct Replacement Windows

Measuring and ordering the correct window, with the correct “parts and pieces” needed to have it fit perfectly is a job for an experienced window dealer or a trade professional who knows the little things required in sizing and specifying the exact window needed. Factory direct dealers, like Clevernest, can couple their buying power on the windows with a professional team of trained installers to get you an overall better value and eliminate all the time, effort, and risk of doing it yourself. 

Extensive Work

Window installation is not a quick task. There is a lot of peripheral work that comes along with installing replacement windows. For example, professionals typically install exterior aluminum coil or trim. The aluminum cladding coordinated with the color of the windows and offers weather protection. Working with aluminum requires training and special tools. 

In order to install replacement windows, you need a clear understanding of the original window installation as well as how to measure and install the windows. The opening is rarely how it came originally. Time and weather can warp the opening so that its shape is slightly different. Fitting the new window into the changed opening sometimes requires reframing the opening.  Even without obstacles, installing replacement windows is a complicated process with many tedious steps. If you run into rot around the framing once the old window is removed, the level of expertise and time required can increase dramatically.

Added Time

Even though you may be incredibly handy and experienced with other home projects, attempting to perform your own window replacement often lengthens the process. Without the skill set and tools and understanding of the installation process, as well as the likelihood of unforeseen issues, attempting to replace your own windows will take much longer than allowing a professional to do it. A trusted window installation company can handle the project in a matter of days and save you a lot of time and hassle. 

It’s Not Cheaper

One major reason people consider performing their own window replacement is due to the prospective cost. However, it could actually cost you much more to replace your own windows. Proper window replacement requires specialized tools and equipment that you probably do not have. If you plan to purchase all of the necessary tools, the cost will add up very quickly and greatly exceed the cost of hiring a professional. Additionally, attempting to perform your own window replacement may cause damage to your house or the windows, and repairing the damage will cost money and take time. Incorrectly lining or sealing windows leads to wasted material and frightening damage. While labor costs may seem high, they are nowhere near the cost of wasted materials, damages, and purchasing your own equipment. By hiring a professional, you can take advantage of their knowledge and training while getting a high-quality, headache-free installation. 

It is Dangerous

One of the most important considerations is the danger of replacing windows. Not only can you damage your home or materials, but you can also damage your health. Many unfortunate accidents happen during window replacements. Breaking the glass can lead to deep lacerations. Falls are a common and incredibly dangerous accident that occurs when replacing windows. Working on ladders and high ledges while also trying to move heavy materials is a recipe for disaster. Professional window installers follow the proper regulations and are trained for the demands of the job. 

Trust a Professional

While you certainly can attempt to replace your own windows, it is often best to leave it to the professionals. A professional window installer will do the job more quickly and will provide a higher-quality result that will actually save you money in the long run. Instead of spending time wrestling with unfamiliar equipment and potentially damaging your materials, home, or body, you can use that time for other home improvement projects. 

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