Andersen Windows and Doors has been around since 1903. It is one of the most well-known and best window brands in the world. And at Hometown Window and Door, they sell and stock Andersen Windows because of that fact.

But they frequently get questions about the difference between Andersen window dealerships (that's us!) and Renewal by Andersen. That is why we wanted to create this guide.

Are you wondering where you should go to get your replacement windows? Then keep reading for the main differences between these two services.

What Is Renewal by Andersen?

Renewal by Andersen in the franchise company of the Andersen Windows and Doors company. These franchises offer Andersen new construction windows. They also provide installation services and window replacement in the greater Indianapolis area.

What Is an Andersen Dealership?

Going through a Renewal by Andersen window replacement franchise is not the only way to purchase Andersen windows. You can also buy them via one of Andersen's authorized dealers.

For example, Hometown Windows and Doors of Indiana is a dealer of Andersen windows in Carmel, IN.

Not all Andersen dealerships offer Indiana window replacement in the greater Indianapolis area. But at Hometown Window, we offer the same window replacement services as a Renewal by Andersen franchise.

Renewal by Andersen vs. Hometown Window

Renewal by Andersen franchises and Hometown Window are both great places to get Andersen windows in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. Choosing between the two depends on the following factors.

The Product Line

If you want Andersen's Fibrex composite products, your local Renewal by Andersen franchise is a great place to buy them. However, Renewal by Andersen does not sell any other Andersen products.

Hometown Windows, on the other hand, offers a much broader range of Andersen products. They have E-series, A-series, 400 series, a Fibrex option, and more. That makes it the better choice if you want more Andersen window product options.

The Consistency

Renewal by Andersen franchises are independently owned. That means the customer service and window prices may differ widely between each location.

Hometown Window and Door is different. They are locally owned and operated by Dan Hanlin and Darren Peck of Noblesville. They have offered window repair and window products in Noblesville and the greater Indianapolis area for over 30 years.

And you don't just have to take our word for it. Check out Hometown Windows and Doors reviews to see the truth for yourself!

The Warranties

Andersen tends to offer less favorable warranties than Renewal by Andersen. Andersen windows only come with 20-year and 10-year warranties on glass and hardware, respectively.

Renewal by Andersen offers the following warranties:

  • 2-year warranties on glass and Fibrex
  • 10-year warranties on hardware
  • 2-year warranties on installation and labor

At Home Town Windows, they don't think the standard Andersen warranties are good enough for their customers. That is why they offer much better options, specifically lifetime warranty options in addition to the window manufacturing warranties mentioned above.

Get Andersen Windows at Hometown Window and Door Indianapolis

Hometown Windows and Doors and Renewal by Andersen are great places to get Andersen products and window repair in Carmel and surrounding counties.

Contact Hometown Windows and Doors today to learn more about our Andersen products and installation services!