Builders and remodelers demand environmentally conscious products and materials. At Andersen, environmental responsibility is part of an established and ongoing commitment to sustainability. The development and introduction of Fibrex material over 20 years ago are just one of the many ways we demonstrate the importance of that commitment. So what is it?

What Is Fibrex?

If you visit the Hometown showroom where we have several beautiful Andersen windows and doors on display, you will certainly see and hear about a material called Fibrex. At one time, windows were framed with 100% wood — a material that required constant maintenance. Even with faithful painting and sealing, wood frames eventually succomb to the elements, causing windows and doors to fail.

Over 20 years ago, Andersen determined to develop a more sustainable, durable, yet beautiful material to use in their product lines. Fibrex material is a revolutionary structural composite material that blends the very best attributes of wood and vinyl. Special polymer formulations surround and fill each wood fiber, enabling top performance.

The result is a material that provides uncommon value and enhances the quality of any project. In use for nearly two decades in Andersen products, Fibrex material has proven its strength and durability in all types of climates.

Fibrex material combines the strength and durability of wood with the maintenance ease of vinyl. It even offers builders and owners the comfort of choosing a sustainable, green building material. Andersen uses Fibrex material across its product lines. But Fibrex material is more than just environmentally responsible — it’s also durable and beautiful.

What Makes Fibrex Material Sustainable?

  • Composition: Fibrex is a blend of 40% wood fiber by weight, mostly reclaimed from Andersen manufacturing processes, with 60% thermoplastic polymer by weight, some of which is also reclaimed. Pre-consumer Fibrex material is also reclaimable.
  • Fibrex material blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum to help reduce heating and cooling bills.
  • Reduces VOC emissions because no wood preservative treatments or painting is required.

How Durable Is Fibrex Material?

  • Fibrex material is twice as strong as vinyl, so weathertight seals stay weathertight.
  • Fibrex material retains its stability and rigidity in all climates.
  • Our unique fabrication process blends the color with the Fibrex material during production for long-lasting beauty.
  • Fibrex material resists rot, decay, and fungal growth, and won’t flake, blister, peel, pit or corrode. (See individual product warranties for more information.)

With Fibrex composite material, you get the best of both worlds: a top-performing product that is environmentally responsible. Stop in our Carmel showroom and have a look for yourself!