Ever feel like the world outside is intruding on your peace? Well, turns out that's not just in your head. Noise pollution's the real deal, causing everything from stress to sleep issues.

The magic behind Andersen's sound abatement is a combination of sound science and innovation, making sure you hear only what you want and not the chaos from outside.

Double and Triple-Pane Glass: It's like armor for your ears! The secret weapon? Andersen windows are built with not just one, but sometimes two or three glass layers. It's like adding an extra shield against the world outside. Those layers work in tandem to absorb and cut down sound vibrations from the street or surroundings.

double and triple pane glass options

Insert Gas: Between those glass layers, there's more magic – inert gas fills like argon or krypton. They're denser than regular air and put up an extra barrier against the outside world's noise, letting you enjoy your indoor space undisturbed.

Window frames? Not just for show: Your windows' frames, often underestimated, play a starring role in keeping noise at bay. Hometown's Andersen windows come with insulated frames that dampen the noise vibrations ensuring you get a one-way ticket to tranquility.

Andersen Windows isn't just about silencing the noise. They're also energy-efficient, stunning to look at, and built to last.

It's the ultimate home upgrade in one package!

Say goodbye to outside interruptions and hello to a home that wraps you in tranquility. Experience Andersen innovation with Hometown Window and Door Company.

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