What Are Standard Window Sizes?

When a customer contacts us about replacing the windows or doors in his or her home, we get a lot of questions. Do you do window installation? Window repair? Do you sell anything other than Andersen products? What is involved in measuring for and replacing windows? The fact is, most people don’t shop for windows more than once or twice in a lifetime and they don’t know what they don’t know. Overwhelmed by the different materials, brands, and features, they just want help making sense of it all.

One of the questions we get a lot has to do with standard window sizes — what are they? Is there such a thing as a standard window size? And what is a custom window size? (And is a custom size as expensive as it sounds?) The answer is YES and NO.

Yes and No

Yes, there are in fact “standard” window sizes, BUT, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even across the different lines of windows. When architects design new construction, they have the luxury of choosing the standard sizes of the brand and series of windows chosen for the product. The benefit of choosing standard sizes is that they are typically less expensive than custom-sized windows and can usually be delivered more quickly. Additionally, if replacement parts or windows need to be ordered at any point, standard sizes make it easier.

BUT, what if a home was built with Rockwell windows, a window company that filed for bankruptcy in 2007. As this company is now out of business, a homeowner will have to find another option for replacement. The chances that the standard sizes of those Rockwell windows will match the standard sizes in another company are slim.

NOW, some window companies may cheat to force their standard size to fit. If the window is even slightly too large for the opening, the integrity of the window is compromised. If the window is too small for the opening, the result will be a smaller window (obviously) and more filler around it. The ideal situation is to replace an existing window with an appropriately-sized window.

How Hometown Can Help

At Hometown, we first look to see if by chance our standard sizes will work for any or all of the windows our customer wants to replace. We have multiple lines of Andersen products (each with different standard sizes) so it is sometimes possible to find a standard size window that will fit. When that happens, we will use it to save our customer money.

We have the option, however, of ordering a custom-sized window when necessary. Even though it is somewhat more expensive, the finished product is more attractive, more energy efficient, and it’s the right thing to do. When our installer does his formal measure he will even look behind the trim to make sure we are ordering the correct size for your home.

Now, you may be wondering how standard-sized and custom-sized windows factor in a full-frame installation versus an insert situation. Well, it still makes a difference — possibly even more so! While the majority of the window replacement we do is done with a full-frame installation, we do offer inserts when appropriate or desired by the homeowner. Even with inserts, it is sometimes necessary to custom-size the replacement.

Whether full-frame installation or insert and whether your job demands a custom-sized window or can accommodate one of our standard sizes, what you can be sure of is that we at Hometown will give you our honest and accurate assessment and recommendation. You can trust us to replace your windows with an excellent fit and a finished product that looks seamless.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today!