Like most homeowners, you may not pay much attention to your windows. However, you may at some point want to replace the windows in your home for one or more reasons.

Malfunction and Decay. Your windows don’t open/close properly, or the frame is rotting.

High Energy Bill. They let air in or out of your home, increasing your heating and cooling bills.

Aesthetics. You want to change up your home’s appearance with new windows.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to install new windows in your home, it is imperative that you get the right Hometown Window brand and reliable professionals to do the installation.

Why Homeowners Choose Andersen Windows

Andersen is a leading door and window manufacturer globally with a strong legacy of producing high-quality Hometown Windows with durable glass and frame materials that minimize heat loss via conduction. The company’s commitment to sustainability earned it the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year.

Andersen Windows offers a wide variety of window styles, including:



Bay and bow





Sliding windows

Specialty (cathedral, ellipse, etc.)

Hometown Window can help you determine the best Andersen windows for your home by setting up a free in-home consultation or viewing an up-to-date photo of your home’s exterior. Let’s get into it.

Hiring an Andersen-Certified Windows Contractor To Install Your Windows

You can purchase and install Andersen replacement windows yourself or hire an Andersen-certified contractor to professionally install the windows. Many homeowners prefer hiring certified contractors for several reasons.

A professional installation is the recommended option for sizable window projects. It’s also a great choice if you have neither the time nor the skills to install windows yourself. Even though it costs more to hire an Andersen-certified contractor, it’s a worthwhile investment because the installation comes with a lifetime warranty.

Furthermore, certified contractors receive training on Andersen-specific window installation techniques. They’re also rigorously vetted, so you’re sure you’re getting top-quality installation services. Certified Andersen dealers provide a quote for installation projects of all sizes.

Here are three crucial considerations to make when choosing a windows replacement contractor to install your windows:

Reputation. Hire a contractor with a stellar reputation for providing exceptional services at affordable rates. Search them online, get recommendations from people you trust, and read customer reviews.

Payment Options. Go for a contractor that offers payment options that work for you. They should outline these options in their quote.

Customer Service. Choose a contractor with whom you’ll have a good working relationship. So, hire a company that provides a contact person and that has a responsive and helpful customer service team.

Quality Window Installation Services From Hometown Window

Hometown Window is well-known for its streamlined window installation process and excellent customer service. Besides working with certified window installers, you get access to professional project technicians and design consultants that work with you every step of the way.

Customer care representatives ensure your windows work perfectly by assisting with warranty services if needed. Moreover, communication is easy because Hometown Window assigns you a contact person to guide you through the entire installation process.

Request a Quote

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