When windows are extremely damaged and no longer provide your home with the necessary efficiency, it is time to replace them. Replacing old windows restores the beauty of your home as well as the insulation and energy efficiency. Many replacement windows are more durable, more efficient, and easier to maintain than older windows. However, picking the best replacement windows is not an easy process. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a replacement window:

Weather Resistance

In order to keep your home the correct temperature and dry through every Indianapolis season, it is crucial to get weather-resistant windows. You want windows that seal the outdoor elements out while keeping your cooled or heated air inside your home. Replacement windows should eliminate drafts and protect your home from the weather. High-quality replacement windows will also withstand harsh weather conditions and remain durable for years. 

Energy Efficiency

You should also choose replacement windows that are energy efficient. Energy efficient windows are sustainable and help you save money in the long run. Replacement windows that are energy efficient help lock in the internal temperature of your home and prevent you from wasting energy and money. 


The best replacement windows stand the test of time. Only buy replacement windows from a trusted source that has experience in the industry. Choose replacement windows with time-tested designs and proven innovations. 


Quality is one of the most important considerations for replacement windows. To determine quality, assess the materials used, as well as the overall construction. For example, Andersen replacement windows are made from a natural wood interior protected by an aluminum, vinyl, or Fiberglass exterior.  

The Windows That Have It All

Andersen is the best in the business when it comes to replacement windows. They are industry leaders with over 115 years of experience crafting the best replacement windows. Their products are time-tested and with their industry experience, Andersen has created new products and become America’s top window manufacturer. With Andersen replacement windows, you boost the value of your home with highly efficient windows. All of the windows have a gorgeous wood interior that is protected by a low-maintenance clad exterior that seals out all of the elements. Energy efficiency is paramount for Andersen windows, and each window is designed with energy efficiency in mind.  

The possibilities for customization are endless with Andersen replacement windows. Andersen has a wide array of style options and series so you can find the replacement windows that fit your needs. The Andersen window series include:

  • 100 Series: The 100 Series Composite windows offer advantages over vinyl windows and are available in many colors and finishes. These windows are made to last and withstand the harsh Indianapolis climate. 
  • 200 Series: The 200 Series offers wood interiors and vinyl clad exteriors, at an incredible value. For budget friendly options that still deliver Andersen quality. Choose from the most popular sizes and style options of Andersen Windows with this streamlined Andersen series. 
  • 400 Series: The 400 Series is the most popular series because of its blend of performance and style. The windows in the 400 Series are time tested with classic wood craftsmanship and can satisfy nearly any window replacement need. 
  • A-Series: Part of the architectural collection, the A-Series is known for its high performance and incredible energy efficiency. The A-Series is able to withstand hurricane-force winds and exposure to sea air. With triple-pane glass and HeatLock technology options, the A-Series has the top glass options for incredible energy efficiency. 
  • E-Series: The E-Series is part of the Architectural Collection and offers unparalleled flexibility and design freedom. With this series, you can choose from over 50 exterior colors and finishes. Design the perfect replacement windows with custom shapes and sizes that all have contemporary designs and modern hardware. 

In each Series, Andersen also offers a variety of window styles including:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Gliding Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Window 
  • Specialty Windows
  • Bay and Bow Windows 

Installation Matters

Hometown is a certified Andersen Window Dealer. We will help you choose and install the best replacement windows for your home. When you choose Andersen windows, you will improve the appearance and efficiency of your home. We carry the full line of Andersen windows and our experienced team will make sure they are installed correctly. We make sure you get the replacement windows you want and focus on your needs. Learn more about the best Andersen replacement windows for your home and how Hometown can help by calling us at (317) 688-8100 or visiting our website.