You might wonder if there are certain times of the year when you cannot replace windows. What is the best time to replace your windows?

There is a proverb that says,

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today."

The same might be applied to replacing the aging or failing windows in your home. We get a lot of calls when the weather in central Indiana turns cold or stormy and most of the callers wish they had already replaced their windows. But it’s not too late!

The simple answer to the question is this — we can replace windows and doors year-round in central Indiana with only a few days of exception to that. There is not a season that is summarily disqualified from installation, but we look at the daily forecast for any red flags. You might be surprised to know that rain is more of a hindrance to installation than cold or snow. The three things that can cause a weather-related delay in the installation are heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and strong winds, but each case is different.

Since we are going to be opening your home to the elements, fall and spring are ideal times to replace windows. But there are actually very few days a year that the weather keeps us from installing, so if you are considering replacing your windows, don’t worry about the season.

Can I replace my windows in the winter or summer?

Our crew works very hard to minimize the amount of time the hole is left gaping, leaving your home exposed to the extreme temperatures. They do as much of the “removal” work as possible while the old window remains in place. They stage the new window to go in almost as soon as the old is out. Sometimes, they have to address some framing or wood rot, but they can use tarps to cover the opening as much as possible. When possible, they can also close off the area of your house in which they are working.

There have been times when the temperatures got so extremely hot or cold that our installers’ safety is in question, but that is rare. It happens more in the winter, when temperatures are in the single digits or even negative, but fortunately, that is not terribly common in central Indiana. In extremely low temperatures, we also have to be mindful of the sealant we use — will it cure?
It is in nobody’s best interests (ours or our valued clients) to jeopardize the quality of the installation. We will be honest and communicate with you if the weather is not conducive to a quality installation of your new windows.

Can I replace my windows in the fall and spring?

Fall and spring in central Indiana typically offer the most mild temperatures which are ideal for replacing windows or doors in your home. For that reason, fall and spring are often our busiest times! But even then, there are sometimes challenges.

In the spring, for example, we often experience heavy rains and dangerous storms in central Indiana. We can typically install in light rain or drizzle, but heavy rain makes installation impossible.
Fall and spring storms often involve high winds, too. We have postponed installations due to high winds in some instances. It may depend on the exposure where we are working or the size of the opening. Each case is different and we will evaluate and communicate with you if winds are an issue.

When is the best time of year to replace my windows?

If your windows are foggy, cracked, drafty, or otherwise failing you, then the best time to replace your windows is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Whatever the season, replacement is possible. There are pros and cons to any time of the year, but no matter when you replace your windows, you will immediately enjoy the benefits of the process. You will see improved heating and cooling of your home and enhanced comfort. You will appreciate the improved curb appeal of your home and we’re pretty sure you will find a good way to spend the time your new maintenance free windows will save you!

Once you have made the decision and replaced your aging, drafty windows, we bet you, too, will wish you had done it sooner. And consider this — from the time you place the order with us, it could take 6-8 weeks to get the product and schedule the installation. It might be 10 degrees on the day you have your consultation, but the way the weather swings in central Indiana, it could be 70 degrees when we install!