At Hometown, we like to consider ourselves not only experts in the Window and Door business, but also the Realtor’s friend. (Our Owner Tom McHaffie was a successful Realtor with FC Tucker in the late 80’s).  There is nothing like having something show up on an inspection report, like a bad window, to throw a wrench in an otherwise great deal for buyer or seller.

What are the symptoms?

A common finding on an inspection report is “possible broken seal”, meaning on a double pane window or door, the seal holding those two pieces of glass together has been compromised, letting air and water in between the glass panes.  If not replaced, this water could escape into the interior of the window, creating rot on not only the window frame, but eventually inside the home’s wall. Sometimes a broken seal can be only seen on certain days, or not seen at all without looking very close at the window.  It’s definitely more worrisome if there are multiple broken seals, verses 1 or 2. Part of what can cause a broken seal is simply the frame around the glass (the two together making up the “sash”) is starting to fail, and can no longer hold the glass in place…so when you see broken seals in multiple places, it can be a sign that the windows are having a systemic (whole house)  failure.

Another common finding is obvious wood rot either inside or outside.  Sometimes the window will look fine, but there is obvious water damage below the window.  Be particularly observant on round top windows as these are some of the hardest to install correctly, and are therefore some of the worst culprits for water infiltration around a window or door.

Other symptoms are extreme drafts, or just the inability to operate a window or door easily.

Repair or Replace?

In the examples above regarding broken seals, although Hometown specializes in Full Frame Replacement, we will sometimes recommend having a Glass Company specialist handle a repair, particularly in the case of round top windows, and particularly when it’s just one or two windows.  Some windows or doors can have their glass easily replaced, and some require replacement of the whole unit. If there are multiple broken seals though, our recommendation is going to be for a complete full frame replacement.

In cases of wood rot, normally a full frame replacement is the best route as well, as this method allows you to take care of the window, but also have a look at what if anything might be going on behind the wall as a result of a leaking window.  If the rot is fairly mild, and there aren’t other signs of moisture intrusion or damage, AND if it’s only one window for instance and the others all look good, there are companies who can repair just the rotten parts of the window. Our recommendation if you’re looking at just repairing, is to at least get a price on replacing the whole window, as sometimes the repair can be 75% or more of the cost of a new window.

Refer to a Specialist like Hometown, that you can TRUST!

The repairs after a home inspection can be daunting for both the seller and buyer. Issues with doors and windows are very common in a home inspection. When you refer the problem to Hometown, our pledge is always to give you an honest opinion, and suggest no more and no less than is necessary to properly take care of the client. If a simple repair or just a glass only repair is the fix, then we’ll suggest you call one of those companies, as well as provide you with a full replacement solution.

As much as we enjoy you referring clients who need a whole house full of windows to us, we’re also used to doing one or two windows at a time, or phasing in different parts of the house over several seasons if necessary.

Recommend Hometown to your client for full-service replacement of windows, patio doors, and entry doors. At Hometown, we know how to deliver quality at an affordable price. Our services include:

  • Windows: We offer full frame window replacement and professional installation. We feature aesthetic, energy-saving replacement windows from Andersen Windows and Doors,  as well as long term service on our installation, or any Andersen Window or Door.
  • Patio Doors: Door installation and replacement for hinged, sliding, & folding patio doors. Enjoy your outdoor living space worry-free.
  • Entry Doors: We offer beautiful, durable options from Andersen, Simpson, Thermatru and Provia brands,  that make a great first impression with the perfect mix of style and security.
  • BIG DOOR Systems: Open your living space to the outdoors with innovative folding, swinging, and multi-slide systems from Andersen and LaCantina doors.

The professionals at Hometown are always polite and professional. We leave our workspace spotless, with a beautiful new window or door as the only sign we were there. With over 30 years of experience in construction, we have a proven track record that will give your clients security and peace of mind.

Quality is something we refuse to compromise on, and we only select brands and suppliers that can stand behind the product warranty. We understand how hectic the home buying or selling process is, and always respect your time while still delivering unparalleled quality.

Recommend Hometown

The most important part of reacting to a home inspection is to offer your client guidance. If you want a window and door company that will respond to you QUICKLY and HONESTLY , Choose Hometown for all window or door replacements and installations for homes in the Central Indiana area. Our high-quality products and professional installation will lift a huge weight from your client after a home inspection. Learn more about how we can help your client after a home inspection by calling us at 317-688-8100 or leaving a request on our website.